Things I learned during my life and changed my view of the world

Things I learned during my life and changed my view of the world

There have been times in my life when my biggest fear was new things, new people or new places. I was afraid to leave my comfort zone. I was afraid to leave people I knew and places I often visited, even though I didn’t see anything new in them. All those fears made me think about my life. Do I really want him like that? I was afraid to leave the people I was literally attached to and unable to find my own direction. It was my hard personal struggle, but at the end of it I understood a lot of things. I wrote down a few points as a reference to my younger self, because I believe that there is definitely someone out there who fights like I was.

You can’t change the past
This is my number one because it is the greatest and strongest wisdom for me that I had to understand, accept, and let go of.

The past is something that each of us has. Each of us has experienced something in our lives that has affected him, met someone who has influenced him. And not always in a positive sense.
I used to analyze the past a lot, think about it, and worry about it. I often wondered if I did some things because I wanted to or to avoid the mistakes of the past. I still do it sometimes, even if I don’t want to. But today I know that I cannot change the past and that is why I accept it. I try to see things differently, to see them as life lessons. You should do the same.

Feelings are only temporary
It’s just a bad day, not life. The way you feel today will not be in a few days.
You may forget about it even sooner than you think. Pain, anger, sadness, or any emotion may not and probably will not last forever. And that’s perfectly fine. This does not diminish the importance of those feelings. It just gives you hope for a better tomorrow. And we all want a better and more beautiful tomorrow, don’t you think?

You don’t need anyone to make you happy
Relationships break our hearts, open our eyes, and change our souls. Every guy who crosses your path will teach you something and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. It will become part of you, something that will be etched in your heart.
But one thing is certain and the sooner you understand it, the easier it will be for you to live. You don’t need anyone to make you happy. You should learn to be happy with yourself. You should do everything you enjoy, try new things, discover and meet new people. You should do whatever makes you happy.

It’s absolutely okay to be a little selfish
You have to love yourself and put yourself in the first place even if it’s a little bit selfish. You are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. I’m not saying that you have to be stupidly selfish and hurt others by your actions, but it’s your life and that’s why you don’t compromise on decision-making. Those who love you will support you and stand by you and you really don’t need the others in your life.

You have to realize that not everyone will love you
Always be yourself.
Don’t try to please everyone
. No matter where, whether at school or work, you will still find people who just don’t like you and it doesn’t matter what you do. You will have nothing to say or you will have nothing in common. They just won’t like you, even if nothing happened between you. Likewise, you will not like everyone you meet. That’s life. You have to learn to accept it sooner or later.

You don’t have to have many friends, you just need to find the right ones
You must have met people who let you down. You considered them friends and did everything in the world for them, but they would do nothing for you. The moment you needed them, they would turn your back on you.
I don’t know how many times a person can be disappointed in people, but I’ve been disappointed many times. I still wonder if I believe in friendships. What I’ve learned is to be more careful and not want to have a lot of friendships. You don’t need a lot of friends. It’s all about quality, not quantity. It is important to know how to choose friends. You don’t have to be here for everyone, because not everyone will be here for you.

Have your own opinion, but also respect the opinion of others
A woman who has no opinion has nothing. If you do not have your own opinion and you just repeat or agree with the opinion of others, you will very quickly understand that you have nothing to contribute. It is important to broaden your horizons and form your own opinion.
There is nothing sexier than a woman with her own opinion. But there is nothing more anti sexy than a woman who does not listen to or accept the opinion of others. Remember, everyone has the right to express themselves.

Educate yourself and learn as much as you can
I know that you feel that school is not important and that you will never use everything you learn there, but the truth is that you never know when you will need something. Give a chance to everything that the school offers you and choose what interests you the most. You definitely invest your time in language, at least one. It is very useful for your future life, work or if you want a more adventurous life abroad.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things
Find your great fear and get out of your comfort zone. Or just start doing new things that have always scared you, step by step. A small step for humanity can mean a big step for yourself. Get out of town. Find new friends. Go to the school that was your dream and not your parents’ dream. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you don’t succeed, you have to keep in mind that you have a valuable experience that will definitely move you somewhere, even if you don’t know where.

And you know what? Love your decisions more than anything else.

Men vs women. Why men do not consider it important to message to their women?

Men vs women. Why men do not consider it important to message to their women?

Lately, my friends have been a great source of inspiration. This conversation with them naturally led me to this article when one of them got upset that her new boyfriend was not able to message her during his stay at home with his family. It’s as if she doesn’t even exist.

Everyone is different and everyone thinks differently. No one can read anyone’s mind. I think it’s all about communication, but sometimes it’s not possible, at least not face to face. Thanks to the times, we can help ourselves with computers, mobile phones, and the Internet. I can’t remember how we did it without it. Have we been paranoid all the time or accepted that our other half needs some time?  Sometimes all these new technologies can all do more harm than good, especially if the other side doesn’t know how to use it. Or doesn’t want to use it?

He didn’t write to her all day, so we started analyzing it as the right women. Why didn’t he write to her?? Why hasn’t she heard from him today, isn’t he thinking about her? What does he do? Does he think of her at all? Is he at home with family and friends and forgot about her? Is she just his pastime? I don’t have to tell you that we let go of our fantasies and exaggerated it a bit. We philosophized and thought about the reasons why men do not consider it important to message to their women.

What did we come up with?

He doesn’t like text messaging
Not every man likes text messaging. The reasons can be different. He may not be able to write grammatically correct and he does not want to be embarrassed, he may not be able to express what he wants by writing or he simply does not like messages for no reason at all. But in this case, he always can use his phone and call her…

He is a busy man
This is one of the most common considerations. He may have a lot of hobbies to do, such as sports, gardening, fixing something, or he just doesn’t like writing, which is quite possible, as I mentioned, and it doesn’t have to be an excuse. I don’t like it very much myself. In this case, he will definitely respond after a few days.
However, if a woman often argues that she doesn’t have time, that means she has much or doesn’t want to catch up, something will be behind it. Because as they say: “Whoever wants, seeks a way, whoever does not want, seeks a reason.” And little time is the simplest excuse of all …

He has nothing to say
Men do not need to have endless conversations, in which one topic follows another, or the third, and ends again at the first topic. We have best friends for such conversations. Men don’t think that way. If there is anything to say, they depreciate. If not, they do not depreciate. How simple.

You are not his priority
It can hurt! But sometimes certain things are more important than you. It can be work, friends, family… If you are in the early stages of dating, he may not have such hot feelings for you but that doesn’t mean your relationship has no future. I would probably just more communicate and try to spend time together and get a connection. I would try to find out what it’s all about. Hold on, nothing is lost.

And maybe we women are overly paranoid or we have a lot of time to think and analyze everything. My boyfriend once told me that he doesn’t even see as many solutions to a problem as I see. And maybe it’s all in our heads. And maybe he’s not really the one.
There are many reasons why this or that is happening. Some men have more experience than others, some have more negative experiences than positive ones, so they need time to get used to it. Some need to be slapped by a woman first to understand how to behave and what a woman expects from them.

But I think that one thing they have in common is contact, communication, and openness. I think the more you talk, the more you build a bond or something deep, and that’s the key. Yes, sex is an integral and very important part of the relationship, I will not argue about it, but in the end, everyone can have sex. I mean, almost everyone. But finding someone you can have sex with, love him, be his friend and talk about anything without wearing any kind of mask … isn’t that what we’re all looking for ??

We women are interesting creatures. Sometimes we feel like we are recharging the world, we are emancipated and we feel that the whole world is at our feet. But when someone touches our heart, something in us changes. It’s like we’ve had a mind eclipse for a while. Maybe it’s because we don’t believe it. Or we don’t trust ourselves and others who share this world with us…

How to meet a soulmate or how to find friends and not be completely alone

How to meet a soulmate or how to find friends and not be completely alone

After my week of constantly running from the bed to the toilet, I realized that I had to change something. I decided that moving into a new country is not enough. I have to stop being an island for myself and open up to new things, new chances, people, everything. Otherwise, I will never fully actively move on.

„Every change begins inside you,“ I don’t know who said that but it is the absolute truth.

I didn’t want to be alone. I was terrified of the idea that if something happened to me again, I wouldn’t have anyone to call again. Maybe it was this fear that helped me start doing something.
I literally started looking for friends, hobbies, and new activities that I had never done at home. Why? I do not know. Maybe I was too scared of what people would think of me, but nobody knew me here, so I didn’t care.

The first thing I had to do was get out of my comfort zone and that’s why I wrote down a list of things what I had to do and change, which were:

  1. Do not judge a book by its cover. Prejudices are the worst you can have.
  2. Listen to others more, talk less. This point was not such a problem as English is not my native language. The communication in it at the beginning was … well … not the best.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.

This was a real challenge for me. The worst thing was to start and not give up. At first I felt embarrassed and insecure, but then it went by itself and naturally. Some places have become my favorites even though I’ve never met anyone there.

Coffee shops:
This may sound like complete nonsense to you, but I’ve always felt stupid to just sit in a coffee shop alone. I thought it looked desperate like you didn’t have anyone to sit with. Well, since I really didn’t have anyone, at the beginning I decided to take the book.
Gradually, I moved there. It was better than being in that little cold room. I finally managed to get someone to know me and know what I wanted before I asked for it. Cafes have become very popular among people not only for good coffee and gossips but also as a workplace.

Even when I was in college, I loved going there. Now I often go there to think, write, or just flip through books. If you get used to going there, you should change that. After all, nothing happens if you sit in a library instead of sitting at home with a computer.
The library also offers many other activities such as book clubs or various events. In my opinion, if you meet someone in the library, it can be a pretty good guarantee that the person will not be completely intelligently low. Although, as they say, the exception confirms the rule…

Pubs evenings
I heard about this possibility in a language school. They said that a couple of volunteers hold English conversations regularly on certain days. They do it for free. You just have to come and order something at the bar and choose a group according to your level of English. I was interested in this possibility and I met a lot of interesting people there. It’s a great opportunity to improve your English, learn something new, meet a lot of new people from different parts of the world and it’s also a great program for the evening.

Work is a place where you spend more than half of your life. So it’s natural that you meet a lot of people there and some of them change from colleagues to friends. In this case, I am always very careful, because I try to keep the distance between work and my life, but I do not always succeed.

I have been working in the same place for three years and during that time I met a lot of people there and I liked a lot of them and they became an integral part of my life. That’s why I think you should choose a job that you will like to do and not just have to go to it.

Social networks
And last but not least, I definitely want to mention social networks. We live in the 21st century, so it is only natural that we make full use of them, either to obtain information or to get to know each other. If, like me, you have changed city or country and you are looking for someone with whom you would like to have coffee or who could possibly help you find a job, one of the easiest ways is to contact someone on Facebook. There you can find many groups according to your needs. That’s exactly how I met Yvette.


I tried different ways to meet someone and get to know each other. It was one of the periods that taught me a lot, especially about myself. But this period was also very tiring because I was trying to find my place and fit somewhere. I’m not saying it’s bad to want to belong somewhere, but sometimes in this endeavor, we forget ourselves and let ourselves be swallowed up by a feeling of loneliness or fear of loneliness.
I do not know. I probably felt that everything had to be perfect, that I had to live as best I could, even though it sometimes meant that I lived 110%.
But in the end, life will arrange everything as it wants and everything will be as it should be.
You can meet new people by accident because that’s life. You never know what is ready for you, so it is important to have your eyes and mind open.

Also, a good tip is if you’re out in the company you need to smile. A smile can be your guarantee of success. If you walk around the world with your head bowed and no smile, you will hardly attract anyone. Don’t you think?

What is your advice for new meetings…?

About how housekeeping almost killed me

About how housekeeping almost killed me

I’ve always said that I can do any work. I was so wrong. After a few weeks of housekeeping, I changed my mind and I can honestly say that I admire everyone who has been doing this job for a long time.

I failed all the way. I think it was my first job where they fired me for a lack of a sense of order.

But let’s go at the beginning.

As I mentioned, my agency found me this job in the hotel. I didn’t know what to expect but I was glad I didn’t have to look for a job. I wouldn’t know where to start. Everything was new, Bournemouth wasn’t like Stars Hollow. The city was much bigger than I had imagined, British English was also not the easiest version of English and I never really did proper research of my options. I can finally admit that I wore pink glasses. I didn’t know anyone except people from school and I didn’t even know how to find someone new.

Now that I think about it, I was terribly stupid. I used to travel with my friend which means there were always two of us and I never realized it, but because of that we never looked for anyone. If we met someone, it was great, but if not, we were okay.

In today’s age of unlimited internet, this may be silly, but I’ve never thought about how to find people, how to make contact, connect, or maybe friendship. Maybe that’s why I chose an agency and a course. I knew I would meet people there so I would definitely meet someone.

But the friendships I made at school English 2000 were different from what I was used to.

Everybody was from different parts of Europe, even the world. There were about ten people in my class, most of them were Spaniards, but also some Germans and Czech.

We had nothing common except studying there. I knew that our friendship would end as soon as we finished the course but it was good to think that we can remain friends. If I should be honest,  I still have some of them on Instagram or Facebook and I would love to visit them, or at least visit countries from where they are from.

English 2000 was opened in 1992. It is located in a large Victorian house which looks like every other house down the street.  But you can find it quickly because it’s opposite the nightclub “Cameo”. If you ask passers-by about the direction they might not gonna know the school but they will definitely know about “Cameo”.

It is in the center, about ten minutes on foot to the beach. We spent all our free time there. Even my hotel where I worked was very close to the beach.

Bournemouth beach

Thanks to the agency, I didn’t have to do an interview. I just came there and my supervisor explained to me what my job would be. It was quite simple. It was one of the smaller hotels so there was not much job competition and as I later realized, the job is not the most lucrative in the world.

I no longer remember the name of my supervisor, but I clearly remember her smile every morning as she gave me the paperwork.

Whoever did work as a housekeeper before probably knows how it is but for these who got lucky and who never had to do it I will give you some view. It’s not hard.

You work mostly from the morning till afternoon depends on the company for what you’re working on. I worked from 8 o’clock until midday. According to the hours, it was not so much, but according to the work, it was an eternity.

Every morning I came to my supervisor’s office for paper with my cleaning instructions. Basically it was paper with rooms that I had to clean that day. The number of rooms was different and depend on how busy hotel was but never less than 10 rooms. For one room you have around 20 minutes and most of them you need to fully clean which was for someone who never did this before impossible. Plus you are in one corridor by yourself, rushing yourself, not improving English, and literally not moving anywhere.

I didn’t like the job. Those few hours a day destroyed me. I didn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t know what to do. The idea of being the main heroine in my life suddenly didn’t seem so great to me.

But all bad is good for something. But I don’t understand why it always has to be bad first…

I remember that turning point. On the way home, I stopped at Tesco to buy something to eat. It was one of those days when I didn’t feel like anything extra. I bought a salad, I don’t know exactly. Well, I know I’ll never forget that night. It was very cold, more than usual. I gave up any attempts to communicate with the host because they led nowhere. I remember waking up in a lot of nausea and running to the bathroom. I spent the whole night in the bathroom hugging the toilet.

I couldn’t even stand up. Well, I didn’t have a phone or any contact with the hotel so I had to go to work. I don’t have to tell you that I couldn’t work that day and I almost passed out on the way home.

I felt terrible and I definitely looked terrible.

Well, do you know what was the worst? I didn’t have anyone to call and ask for help.

I was completely alone and I felt alone. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I spent two days in bed and couldn’t even move because any movement made me vomit.

Nobody in the house knew about it. Our housekeeper had a small child and didn’t care about anything else, Belem was just a girl from the next room to talk to when we happened to meet in the kitchen and the guy in the lower room probably didn’t even know I existed.

My friends from school were not my friends. When I wrote to them that I was sick, they wrote me an early recovery and went on a trip. Nobody asked me how I was or if I didn’t need anything.

That was my turning point. That was the point when I realized that I had to change something otherwise I would never be happy and it didn’t matter where I was.

Also, I was ill and I thought that I will die in that room completely alone and that’s not what I wanted when I decided to change my life and moved abroad.

What to do when the quarantine locked you at home…

What to do when the quarantine locked you at home…

Did the coronavirus force you to do little change of your previous lifestyle and slow down?

For the last few weeks, before all this madness broke out, I was very tired from life. My work was very mentally exhausting. I didn’t enjoy smiling and being nice, give everybody understanding or anything else. I was looking for different ways to improve my mood. My favorite way was to virtual travel the world and search for vacations.

It never occurred to me that I will have to stay home for a few weeks with a million free time. I decided to invest this time mainly in myself. I decided to do things that I put off because I either didn’t want to do it or I didn’t have the time or energy.

I told myself when I would be the master of my time again, how could I be now?

There are many things everywhere on the internet, many daily routines that you should follow, and that should help you to have a certain direction, a balance, these days.

I am not a very person who follows routines or habits. I’m very bad at it. I’m not going to lie I’m lazy at it. Still, I’ve found a few things and habits that I do almost every day.

Many of my friends have written to me what I do all day and that they are bored.

This period is very special and I think it has significantly affected people’s behavior. That’s why I decided to write everything down and save it here.

Let’s have a look.

Learn a new language

The first thing I am actively involved in is English and its improvement. Since I live in an English speaking country and my dream has always been to speak English fluently, I decided to start writing in English. It’s a bit risky because expressing all your feelings and emotions in a foreign language is not the easiest. But writing is one of my favorite hobbies, so it seemed like a good idea. My boyfriend is British so he helps me a lot when I sometimes get lost somewhere in translation. And in return, I teach him Slovakian.
Learning a new language is a perfect and useful way to shorten long days. One day we will get out, once the borders will open and we will be able to travel again and knowledge of the local language can help us incredibly.

I definitely recommend the Duolingo application. You can find an incredible number of languages there. Unfortunately, you will not find Slovak there.

Walking as an exercise

I know there is talk everywhere about how important exercise is and how you should keep fit. Well … unfortunately, I have to admit that I only practiced a few times. My favorite activity is walking. We’ve been living in Westbourne for over a year, but I’ve never explored its surroundings. I decided to change that and go through it all. Coy Pond gardens have become my favorite area. It is a popular destination with local people and is an ideal venue to have a picnic. Now when we are finally allowed to sit in the public I cant wait to have a lovely picnic there or I’ll spend time writing there.

Coy Pond

I like to go to the beach. My favorite way to get to the beach has become the shortcut via Alum Chine. When I’m there, I feel like I’m in a kind of magical forest and I’m just waiting for a rabbit to show up and pull me into a burrow like in Alice in Wonderland. Also, Alum Chine is home to a beautiful Tropical Garden which is situated to the rear of the beach just into Alum Chine and immediately above the children’s playground what I still saw but I never thought to go there. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but that’s exactly how I imagine it, full of tropical flowers and greenery.

Tropical Gardens in Alum Chine

Exploring your new skills

With the next step, I will return to self-realization.

My favorite place at home is bed. I spend most of my time in it, so some kind of morning routine doesn’t apply to me very much. The bed is like my study. I know that scientists say that this is not an ideal place to work, but at the same time, it is said that everyone must find their own way. And this is mine.

As I have already mentioned, I dedicate this time mainly to self-realization in the form of various online courses. At first, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it and that it would be boring, but somehow I fell in love with it.

There are many online sites that offer courses with different specializations. I have tried a few of them and for myself, I can recommend the page futurelearn. The site is very easy to navigate and I am sure that everybody who wants to learn something new will find something there. One of the biggest pluses of this website is that you can use the comment section which is very interactive and give you the opportunity to get connect with other people doing that course. And all this is for free.

My favorite courses are Writing fiction, Understanding IELTS, Introduction to business management, and now I try to give a chance to Programming for everybody although I am a complete antitalent to computers and technology.


I finally did it. My kitchen and I have finally found our way to each other. I’m not saying that I became a MasterChef, but definitely cooking doesn’t cause me such stress anymore. I even downloaded the mobile app from recipes and I get inspiration from there.

Lentle curry

Lasagna became my favorite food to prepare, which I always feared because it seemed very complicated. We even made homemade pizza, which tasted completely different from the one from the store or restaurant. So I rate my culinary skills very positively, although the negative factor is weight gain.

Thank you for quarantine

Self-knowledge or self-love

Another of my points is very individual and I called it self-knowledge or self-love because I think it is very important in today’s hectic world. It is very difficult to explain, but because the world slowed down, I was given the opportunity to listen more to my inner voice. I was given the opportunity to think more about my life and my goals. I deliberately avoid negative news because I try to remove negativity from my life, even though it is very difficult, especially since there are many negative reports everywhere, especially in connection with the coronavirus.
I like to read motivational literature and various motivational blogs or watch youtube videos. My favorite youtube channel is mindspo.
This is my way of immersing myself and realizing the values and goals that are important to me. But I believe that everyone can find something that will help them in self-knowledge.

Netflix forever

And finally, when everything fails and you don’t want to do anything, Netflix is always there. I put it in the last place because I’m not a big fan of watching TV or movies. But that has changed a bit.
Like half of the world, I fell into the Tiger King show, Love is blind or Too hot to hand. I honestly can’t tell you what’s so catchy about those shows, but I just couldn’t stop when I started watching them. In addition, I saw the first series of You and started watching the second, but unfortunately during the first episodes, I almost got bored to death so I gave it up. At the moment, my boyfriend lured me to watch a marvel series, so we watch them all togethe

And the very last bonus tip is, despite the situation, planning a vacation. I know that our travel options are limited and no one knows how long, but still planning a future vacation has therapeutic effects on me. Am I crazy…? Maybe a little bit…

What do you think?

Sending lots of love xx

One mistake on woman

One mistake on woman

I originally wanted to write about something else, about women and makeup and beauty. I was inspired by my friend Karina, who message to me that I am brave because I published a story on Instagram with a facemask and then a photo without makeup. I didn’t understand what she meant. According to her, this kind of photo isn’t popular because they are too imperfect.

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about us women, about how we perceive ourselves. I realized that maybe more than an article about beauty, we need to remind ourselves our value.

In today’s age of the internet and instagram, we are looking for perfection. We use makeup to cover our imperfections and to differentiate ourselves from others. Women did this already in ancient Egypt. Maybe not much has changed, only now we have more options how to be criticized, but by whom? Society? Or are we our biggest critics? We place great emphasis on what society thinks of us and sometimes we forget what we actually think.

Why is that so?

When did our imperfections become our problem?

Or is it all just in our head?

There is much more about woman than her beauty. We can be friends, best friends, girlfriends, workers, mothers, and who knows what else. We don’t need to cover our imperfections. We can do thousands things in once and it is said that if men could openly talk about problems and hug themself in the end, many of the wars would never happen.

This is for all women who, for some reason, have forgotten how amazing and unique they are. For all women who feel ugly and unnecessary. This is a reminder to each of us who we are.

But this is also for men who have forgotten how important a woman is. And what she can do.

I remembered one story that had a strong idea for me, so I decided to share it with you.

When God created the woman, it was the sixth day of overtime.

One angel came and asked:

“Why are you wasting so much time with her?”

And God answered, “Have you seen all the specs, which I gave it to her when I formed her? She must be able to wash, cook, clean, have more than 200 moving joints, she must be able to control them all and also cook tasty and diet food. Plus she has to have wings for at least four children and a special kiss with which she can heal one injured knee, broken heart – and he only has two hands for all that. “

The angel marveled at all these reports.

“She will do all these only with two hands…. Impossible!”

And this is only a standard model ?!

“It’s a lot of work in one day… I’ll wait until tomorrow when you’re done.”

“I don’t work tomorrow,” God protested, „I am so close that I will end up with what is most dear to my heart. When she gets sick, she chooses how to recover and can work 18 hours a day.“

The angel approached and touched the woman.

“How you made her – so soft?”

“She’s still soft,” God says, “but I also made her strong. You won’t believe what she can do and how long she will last. ”

“Can she think?” the Angel asks.

God answered: “Not only can she think, but she can rejoice and make contracts.”

The angel noticed something that has escaped his attention and touches the woman’s face…

“This model had one flaw. I told you that you put a lot of demands on her. “

“It’s no mistake – it’s one tear,” God corrected him.

“And what is it?” the Angel asked.

God answered: “A tear is her way of expressing herself, her desire, her love, her loneliness, her pain, and her pride.”

That made a great impression on the angel. ”You are a genius, God. You thought of everything. A woman is a great creature !! That’s for sure!“

A woman has magical power. She has trouble, sorrow, but also happiness, love, and her own thought.

She is smiling.

When she wants – she screams.

The woman sings.

When she wants – she cries.

She cries when she is happy and smiles when she is nervous.

She fights for her faith and the untruth.

She doesn’t “take” NO for an answer when someone else has a better solution.

She does everything for his family.

She accompanies her friends to the doctor, just because they are afraid of the doctor.

And a woman loves without borders …

She cries when her children have new life experiences and rejoice in the goodness of her friends.

She rejoices when she hears that someone new has been born or married.

Her heart breaks when she hears about the death of a loved one.

She mourns the loss of a loved one and she fights even though there is nothing left to fight for.

A woman knows that one kiss and a hug can heal one broken heart. 

But, a woman just has one mistake.

She forgets what is her price.

This is my message to all beautiful and strong women. Please don’t let anyone take who you really are and never forget what your price is.If you do, that would be a big mistake.

Cold house, tears, and carpets everywhere

Cold house, tears, and carpets everywhere

I ended up in a big Victorian house with a very young landlady with little baby girl and other occupants.

I wasn’t used to English houses which they all looks the same.

All streets look the same, full of bricks.

I could recognize our house just because of the number on it.

Tip from me: Always find something that will help you differentiate your house. This is extra helpful if you have a higher level of alcohol.

English houses remind me of mazes, lots of unsymmetrical rooms, small corridors and tons of craps. Plus when are kids in the house. When you walked in, the first thing you noticed was the carpet. Carpets were everywhere. I can´t imagine this “carpet obsession” in Slovakia, especially in such a small corridors.

The girl who lived opposite my room was from Spain. Her name was Bellem. She was very nice, she didn’t speak English very well, but well enough to have a company. We went to the same language school. And became friends or something like that.

I never found out the name of the guy who lived above me. But I know he loved rock music and passionate relationships if you know what I mean.

The room next to me belonged landlady with a baby. I’ve never heard a baby cry as often as in that house. Probably because it was too cold even for us not for such a small baby.

How cold was it there?

Imagine taking a shower in the morning and washing your hair, and in the evening if you can still feel your head, you can feel the moisture of your hair. It was that cold there. The first thing I bought was a warm thick pajamas.

I remember sitting on a bed looking around my room and thinking about what I will do. I didn’t want to admit that this was not good.

The landlady has always found an excuse for why it is so cold there and she has never dealt with it much.

When I noticed how dressed the British are in December, I realized that this situation would never change.

This was the first time I realized that the British mentality could be more different than I thought and could be much more difficult to fit into.